Loving yourself

As I go to more meetings, I hear how many other people hated themselves. I hear about not being able to look in the mirror, the self loathing and the suicide attempts. Previously, I felt like I was alone in these experiences. I am learning I am not unique there.

Now my confidence is starting to grow and I am learning to love myself again, but I still have such negative thoughts about myself. Why did I spend so long drinking and wasting my life? Why did I let myself go? Why did I gain all this weight? Am I a good enough mother? Am I a good enough spouse? Am I a good enough person?

This is one of those days. I need to let go. I need to say goodbye to the “stinkin’ thinkin'”. I am unique but not because of my negative attributes or negative experiences. I am unique because of me as a whole. So I will walk through the rest of the day repeating one thing I learned in yoga. Breathe in self love. Breathe out self doubt.



5 thoughts on “Loving yourself

  1. Well said…you have some good insight here, and as we move through this self-exploration and self-love, we also go through self-forgiveness. That took me some time, but when it finally came, after doing step work (especially amends), I found that one day I was able to forgive myself…to fully understand that the person back then is not the person now. I take responsibility for my actions then, but they don’t define me today. Living in the present is where I need to be, not in the past. It’s a fine balance, but as one finds themselves further removed from the old life and start to live a new one, those feelings starts to dissipate…especially if one is learning to love themselves and living in a new way.

    Great stuff.


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