About me…

Hi there! I’m Amina. I am on a journey to better myself and be happier overall. I am married with a wonderful little boy. I am currently in school and tutoring math part time. This is pretty much a journal for me. I am glad if you can get anything positive from here. Open and honest was my goal for this journal.





5 thoughts on “About me…

  1. In trying hard to deal with the alcoholism of my husband of 31 years, I stumbled on your little blog here on WP when I typed ALCOHOLISM into the search engine, and just wanted to tell you that I am glad for finding it. Thanks for reinforcing ‘I can’t control anything but my own actions,’ which it’s taken me years to learn and from which I relapse occasionally. And thanks for the hope that one day my husband might find sobriety. Or not. It’s up to him and has nothing to do with me.

    And BTW, your son is one of the most beautiful little boys I’ve ever seen! 😀

    • I’m glad I have been able to help. I know it is very difficult for you. I saw what I did to my husband. We are working really hard on forgiving and moving forward. I hope your husband is able to find sobriety. It is so much better than being in the dark hell of drinking. One place you might be able to find support is at Al-anon meetings, if you haven’t already gone. There at least you can be with other loved ones of alcoholics. I’m starting to believe those people who stick with us and put up with us during those dark times really are angels. Now I am trying my best to repay my husband by being the best me I can be. I am always here for you and please don’t hesitate to ask me anything. My life is a pretty open book now.
      Lots of love,
      ps. thanks about Aiden! He melts my heart every day. I am truly blessed.

      • Amina, I freaked out a bit that my first post about my husband’s alcoholism wasn’t as anonymous as I’d thought it was. I deleted the blog and figured it out and have restarted under the name wifeofdenial at http://wifeofdenial.wordpress.com I’ve tried to find your blog again in order to re-follow under the right account but I just can’t find you! Could you look me up and find me?

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